Sunday, August 28, 2011

How do you save Hut?

Recently Back Country Live was up in the 1000 acre plateau in the Kahurangi National Park. While up there I came across this cute hut called Poor Petes Hut as I found out it is secluded to be removed. This has frustrated me as it seems that DOC is prepared to pump money into our Great Walks which many of us avoid because of overcrowding. Have attached a letter that I wrote to the editor of FMC. Next thing is to get in touch with local tramping clubs. Walk on Gilby

letter to FMC editor
Dear Editor
How does one go about saving a hut?
Just last weekend I decided to do a winter trip up onto the 1000 acre plateau in the Matiri Valley. Now I would recommend a trip up here winter or summer as the scenery is absolutely spectacular. A beautiful plateau surrounded by great mountains and cliffs. As you get up onto the plateau you are greeted by a cute little hut could Poor Pete’s hut. Now Poor Pete’s is run down and in need of some T.L.C. As I sit down for lunch and good read of the log book I find it is scheduled to be removed. What a shame as it obviously has a long history and probably has Historical value as well. It gets me thinking of how much money D.O.C are prepared to throw at our huts in our National parks eg The third Angelus Hut in as many years which in my opinion didn’t need replacing. Poor Pete’s is placed between Lake Matiri and Larrikins Hut. Reading on in the hut book I noticed that lot’s of party’s were pleased to see Poor Pete’s to take a break or stay the night after spending time on being lashed by weather on the Plateau. Others commentated they wouldn’t make the climb up if Poor Pete’s wasn’t there. What a shame to see it removed when it seems to be doing a great job up on the plateau Well you have it how do we Save Poor Pete’s Hut

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