Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Beauties of Winter

Lake Matiri

Just over last few months, here in Nelson we have been blessed with absolutely sublime snow and weather to boot. I have had the chance to get in the ranges for three really good trips. They were all based in the Kahurangi National Park. The first trip was up on the 1000 acre plateau up the Matiri Valley. The geology of this area is truly special. Such beautiful cliffs surround this plateau, the sort that you look at go I don't want to fall off that. The snow conditions across the plateau were fairly soft. One of those occasions that you really had some snow shoes with you! Would recommend heading up heading up here winter or summer and have some time up your sleeve. There are two huts up on the plateau which are Poor Pete's and Larakins Huts.
 The next trip was a true weekend warrior trip, A day in and a day out. It was up to Flannigan’s hut in the Baton valley. What a pleasure to see a pair of whio (blue duck) on the way up. Such a stunning valley to visit with many river crossings. Quite amazing to think that Bill Flannigan used to walk up this gorge at night just with a candle to visit his hut and check on the sheep. Great snow up here as well, it was easily down to a couple hundred metres below the hut. 

My last trip this winter was up to Lake Sylvester in the back of the Cob valley. Such an easy trip from the car park through to Lake Sylvester Hut. Just a couple of hours of strolling. Such an awesome trip for families to do as it doesn’t take that long to get in there. Did a beautiful day trip up behind the hut through Lake Sylvester, Iron Lake and onto the main ridge. Such a beautiful place that needs some serious time spent exploring around.
Well that is enough of back country live happening. The next adventure could be a run through the Wangapeka. Walk on. Gilby

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