Friday, March 2, 2012

Kiwi brevet 2012. Day 5

Waiuta Trail to Murchison; 165km

Another typical start to this day breaking camp around 5.30 having consumed a can of cold bake beans. I soon found myself cruising past Bill, Julie and Tomas who had camped a couple of km in front of me. Was pretty interesting to be cruising through such beautiful wilderness and then hear the loud sound of a generator pumping water. A firm reminder of the mining that still goes on in this area. I was soon in enjoying the sunshine from big river hut. The next section of 4wd drive track can only best be described as full on. Rocky and busy. I didn’t envy the folks on skinny tyres. It was the first real test of my freeload racks. They handled the jandal superbly. Very impressed! Another little bonus of getting out the Big River section was I didn’t manage to set my spot tracker off!!!! Although, I must admit any time I heard a chopper through the entire Brevet I quickly looked at my spot tracker to make sure it wasn’t me. A call into Reefton for a second breakfast and the usual pick up supplies from the 4 square. Back on the road around 11.30 facing a climb up Rahu and then down into Springs Junction. It felt like an eternity before I summited Rahu saddle. Three hot days in a row were probably effecting my judgement. Was delayed in Springs for a while I fixed a flat tyre. Back on the road, I headed through to the Maruia Saddle. Was pretty funny to be on the saddle at 19.00. It was very reminiscent of Brevet 1 where I was up there at the same time, the only difference being I only had 40km to ride instead of 70km. The ride into the Matakitaki valley is very beautiful and felt like I was heading into home territory as I have done a lot of paddling in this area. I arrived at the Murch campground just after 21.00. A quick plead with the campground owner to get a cabin. A chance to do some washing. Another quality day. I Drifted off to sleep very happy knowing that I was well and truly on the home track.

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