Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kiwi brevet 2012. Day 2

Molesworth Station to Lees Valley; 195km.
The ranger at Molesworth station opened the gates for at 6.00am which was nice of him as they don’t normally open them till 7.00am. So just after 6.00am a precession of enthusiastic bike riders left with the thoughts of late breakfast in Hanmer Springs. First up was the climb up onto Wards pass (1060m), which is the highest point of the Brevet. The climb from this side is not as tough as you have gained a lot of your altitude from the previous days hard work.  From Wards Pass it was relatively straight forward 60km ride through to Acheron.  I soon found myself whistling down Jollies Pass towards Hanmer springs. I cans see why I had a walk up here last time I rode the brevet. It is steep!!! Found a cafĂ© in Hanmer to have breakfast at which was very well deserved. Amazing to see fellow breveteers roll into town and join me for breakfast.  On commencement of my third flat white some friends of mine Princess Jen and Lord Aaron found me. Great to see them and share some stories in my journey so far. Princess Jen had spot tracked me to Hanmer in my first brevet and had popped into town specifically to find me which was very special!

Hit the road a little after 1 having picked up supplies from the four square. The next section is a road ride down to Culverdon. A quick coffee and pie stop before heading in land towards McDonalds down farm. The first time I rode through it was a real privilege to ride through here and it was know different this time. Such a beautiful landscape which felt like a continuation of the Molesworth Station. Weather conditions for most of this day had been ideal. Overcast with a slight drizzle. It was great to be riding  for a little while with Martin and Alistair. I Popped out on the Brothers Station just a little after 8 and proceeded to ride up to Lees pass. A real awesome decent into the Okuku river where there was a little tent city set up. I was still feeling fresh, so I decided to push on for a bit which only turned out to be 3km. I found the appropriate road side camping venue. Tent up and hot water on while I cleaned and oiled my bike. Hmmmm…..dinner in bed with a hot herb tea. A big days riding but didn’t real feel like it. Sound asleep by 11. Another stellar brevet day under the belt.

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